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If Kidnappers Chop Off One Of Your Fingers
Immediately, people wanted to know , could they use the severed digit to unlock your phone? (The answer is no, apparently, but the question is even more ghoulish once you consider that its premise is that safeguarding the phone is more important than the finger.)Of course, there's an even more crucial question that ought to be asked before you get to the iPhone 5S:If someone kidnappers, for instance is going to chop off one of your fingers, which finger should you sacrifice? This actually happened to a British man kidnapped in Syria this year, so it's not simply a fanciful dilemma.Many people get this wrong. They assume that the little finger, the pinky, is the one to say goodbye to. In terms of patients with actual severed fingers, she's seen a "couple of dozen fingers maybe, and an ear" in her career.She says you want to give up the first finger on the hand you don't use for writing.A lot of people think the first, pointing finger is the most important one they have. Wrong! Once it's gone, the other three compensate for it quite well. The second finger, for instance, is already pretty similar to the first finger.The pinky is actually incredibly important, and it's a keeper. Basically, the reason humans have "opposable" thumbs the springboard of our evolution from being just another ape is that the thing doing the most opposing is the little finger.According to the assistant chief of hand surgery at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, the little finger does a disproportionate amount of gripping, while all the other guys are its helpers:The other three digits index, the thumb and the middle finger fine tune where the tool goes. So if you have your little finger amputated, you're going to lose a significant amount of grip strength when holding everyday small objects. When you talk about utensils knives and forks of that stuff is fine manipulation rather than strength, so you're typically using the other three digits. You use the thumb, the index and the middle fingers in order to hold a spoon, or to hold a fork,, or even to hold a pen and write things.Take this test: Try doing pull ups without using your little fingers, and then do the same without your first fingers, and you'll get an idea of how disabling it is to lose the pinky. It's not fun.That raises a question: What if the kidnappers offer you the choice of losing a toe?There's a bit of a debate here. My mom says that the little toe is analogous to the little finger, and as it is situated on the outside of your foot it does a disproportionate amount of work in maintaining your balance. The big toe, however, is obviously the strongest, and you need it to propel yourself while walking. "I'd probably go for third or fourth toe. You need the others for balance and for thrust," my mom reckons.Scientific American took an optimistic view of the situation, and concluded that losing even a big toe isn't that disabling:A nine toed gait is less efficient, slower and shorter, but no less effective. "You're going to look choppier," Dugan says. Although running on fewer toes takes some getting used to, people can modify their style, train their muscles and practice balance exercises to compensate for a lost toe.The study ranks the toes, in order of the work they're doing. As you can see from this table, the big toe does 30% of the job and the little toe does only 9%. The pressure beneath them falls off in the order the toes are arranged on your foot:It's the same while you're just standing. The little toes are in use the least:And when force while walking, rather than pressure from weight, is measured, the little toes are again the benchwarmers of the foot:

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 Post Napisane: Pn sie 18, 2014 07:47 

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